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Zabid : the pearl of Yemen and its ancient history

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The desert embraces civilization and beauty ... and horses and means of riding have not disappeared.

The historic city is centered by the sea and the mountain, and it is stranded on semi exquisite terraced terraces.

city of Zabid

When you enter the city of Zabid and circumambulate its dialogues and historical alleys and contemplate its ornate buildings of a distinctive and unique nature, it feels as if you entered a wonderful natural museum through which it appears and smells of the fragrant history and the originality of the ancient Arab civilization, which dates back thousands of years.

Perhaps you are looking at the castle of Zabid, which was called the House of Nazareth, or contemplating the divisions of the old market, or the way to build its doors and walls, you feel as if you are on a beautiful magic rug and you are gone to times past to give you a luscious painting that tells about what the old Yemeni man created and what woven his enjoyable fingers with a great sense of sense The high tech.

In the following lines, we will depart to Zabid, the city, and to its tourist areas extending from the mountain to sea, in a serial form, compiled by Rahman in the best of terms.

Zabid Valley

The city of Zabid is considered the cradle of human civilizations in the world. It has antiquities dating back to before the ancient civilizations of China and

The islands and beaches tourism is one of the most prominent types of tourism in Yemen because it has more than 183 natural islands. The islands of Yemen are distinguished by their unique characteristics and splendid scenery, which makes them an attractive source for marine tourism, diving, and recreation tourism. Yemen also has many beaches on the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea.

Zabid is attributed to its valley that stretches from the belly of the central plateau to the mountains of Yemen and its tributaries from the mountains of Ibb, Dhamar, Yarim, Al-Aden, and Wasabi Al-Janoubiyah and warns to the western Tihama plain where it takes an area of ​​(50) kilometers from the foot of the mountain too (Al-Faza), the natural port of Zabid on the Red Sea coast and reaches The area of ​​Wadi Zabid is 160 thousand

It is almost hostile and rises at sea level by 350 meters on semi-terraced dirt terraces. It was named Zabid in the name of the valley and it is located in the middle of it, it is 25 kilometers from the sea as well. The city of Zabid is located between Wadi Zabid and Wadi Ramaa, which made it a natural air with a slight humidity .. and a city Zabid is circular in shape and divided into four neighborhoods and rims. He says that those interested in the historical aspects say that Zabid, in its present form and its four neighborhoods, has been mentioned by leading historians and scholars since the beginning of the fourth century, AH and among these scholars Ibn Battuta, as well as the scholar Ibn al-Mujawar in his book (The Clairvoyant).

Zabid Valley

Tourist beaches

There is in the area of ​​Zabid, the historical (Al-Faza) beach, as well as the coastal beach of Al-Hima, which are covered with chains of palm trees and overlooking the most beautiful beaches of the Red Sea. The Canadian expedition carried out along the coastal strip of Al Hudaydah governorate recently where many stone tools used by prehistoric people were found.

Historical sources also indicate that the Apostolic State has taken care of the port of Al-Faza, especially King Nasser Ahmad Al-Rasuli, who received Chinese experts in the year 833 AH in Al-Faza with the aim of improving it and preparing it to be a tourist resort and an important port for the export of Zabid products from goods as well as to receive imported materials and it has remained so until recently.

On the geographical planning of the city, the old city is surrounded by a wall of Yajur built in the third century AH during the reign of Prince Salama, and this wall has been renewed and added to it during the era of the following states until it was demolished during the era of the Ottoman Empire 1045 AH, then its construction was assigned to Judge Al-Hassan bin Aqeel Al-Hazmi judge Zabid in the year 1222 AH.

The city is located geographically at latitude 14 degrees north and longitude 43 degrees east, and away from the right capital Sanaa about 233 km from the southwestern side, and away from the city of Taiz al-Yamina about 161 km to the northwest, and Ibn Battuta describes it as a "wild, no shore city" for its location Distinguished and medium between the Red Sea, which is on the western side of the city, and the mountain range on the eastern side. The city is linked to two agricultural valleys, the first of which is a valley located in the south of the city, which is Zabid Valley, and the second is a valley located in the north, which is Wadi Rumaa, and the city is located within an area characterized by high solar brightness and high humidity, where it is characterized by a very hot and humid climate in summer, but in winter it tends to be moderate

The city has five gates: Bab Siham in the north, Shabraq in the east, Qutub in the south, Nakheel in the west, and Bab al-Nasr in the southeast.

The fort of Zabid

The port of Al-Faza is considered natural, beautiful and suitable for vacation. Historians say that the kings of the Apostolic State were descending for recreation in it and next to it a spring of freshwater in which the bather was washed after leaving the sea. The Al-Faza area is also characterized by arable soil and a clean coast.

The city of Zabid has many historical and archaeological sites and sites that vary in their exploits by the multiplicity of successive Islamic countries that have appeared in the city and among the most important of these monuments is the Great Mosque and is one of the largest mosques in the city in terms of planning, construction, and decoration. The Great Mosque has founded in the third century AH ninth century AD, during the era of The Ziyadiyya state was subject to renewal and expansion in subsequent periods. There is also the Al-Asha’er Mosque, which was called by the great companion Abu Musa Al-Ash'ari in the year 58 after his return from Medina and gained wide fame.

Considering that it is one of the blessed mosques, the Mosque of Al-Asha'ir with the Great Mosque represents the art of building with columns (its roof is based on columns) and has been restored many times throughout the ages and is considered the only mosque before the Apostolic Existing to this day.

Tourist ingredients

Zabid is rich in many tourist potentials, and among these are tourism desert elements, or camel and horse tourism, which is one of the factors that can be unique to the region and famous for its presence in the desert and traditional means of riding.

There are also many tourist attractions in Zabid, part of which is linked to the historical and archeological aspects, in addition to the natural beauty of natural coasts, in addition to picturesque agricultural lands. Zabid is considered a sprawling museum

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