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Tourism in Morocco Enjoy the originality of East and West

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Tourism in Morocco has a special charm that is not available in any other Arab or African country.


The Kingdom of Morocco enjoys a distinguished geographical location, as it is located from the north on the Mediterranean, as it separates it from Spain from the northern border, the Strait of Gibraltar, and is bordered to the south by the Arab Republic of Mauritania and the African desert. And due to Morocco's proximity to Europe, it is a tourist destination for many foreign tourists, especially from Spain, which is separated by only a small strait, making it a link between East and West and a place for multiculturalism and human civilizations.

  Tourism in Morocco  

Morocco is one of the few Arab countries that make tourism one of the most important resources of its national economy. Tourism in this Arab country, African and close to Europe, has a special taste. There, many of the cultures of the Arab and African world's mix. Besides some aspects of modern Western culture without affecting the old Moroccan customs and traditions that the Moroccan people adore and remain true to its history and originality, the visitor places this country in front of an opportunity for diverse scenes of human cultures not to mention the stunning landscapes and historical and archeological sites scattered throughout Morocco.


The most beautiful tourist places

The Kingdom of Morocco abounds with beautiful tourist places and areas that appeal to tourists and visitors, and one of the most important of these tourist cities:


 The city of Marrakech


which is full of colors, rich in history and vibrant, crowded with visitors of different nationalities, where you find a mix between ancient and modern cultures and the wonderful interplay between eastern and western cultures. In Marrakech, you can find street vendors and stalls, as well as acrobats, snake charmers, charlatans, and many different categories. There are many places and activities that you can do in Marrakesh during tourism in Morocco, such as visiting the Koutoubia Mosque, the Ben Youssef Madrasa, the Saadi Tomb, the El Badi Palace, and other archeological sites.  And one of the most important Moroccan cities that love tourism, the capital.



It is a large city with a population of 4 million and is the economic and financial capital of Morocco. As one of the largest cities in Morocco, Casablanca is the place to learn about Morocco's culture, history, and people. It is also a wonderful base in a central location for touring the coast, with the discovery of many of the main tourist attractions, the most famous of which is the Hassan II Mosque, which is considered a symbol of luxury in the city and is a luxury building designed with a complex engineering design as it is based on marble pieces. The vibrant sculpture symbolizes ancient Islamic civilization.

Among the important tourist cities in Morocco is...


The city of Fez

morocco Fez  

which is the second destination after Marrakech to discover the ancient cultures, between the back alleys with the cobbled streets, and the old doors that give the tourist a wonderful opportunity to stop and take pictures on every corner in the corners of this charming historical city. Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes the Moroccan city of Fez is the leather tanning area, which is one of the most popular attractions in the city, along with the old city with walls and historical doors that are worth exploring.


Also, one of the most important cities in Morocco is...


the city of Tangier


which is an important center for companies and banks? Due to its economic progress, it has also become a center for artistic cultures, and it has many arts and music theaters, museums, and other famous cultural associations. Nevertheless, Tangier is a special style, enjoying cafes in the traditional Moroccan style, with a group of charming tourists.

Including the historic Kasbah and the Grand Market, in addition to a group of the most interesting and interesting recreational opportunities that start from shopping to mint tea in the distinctive Haffa Cafe, which is one of the most famous places in the city, thanks to its distinguished location and stunning views of the most beautiful natural scenes.


Also, one of the tourist attractions in Morocco is...


the city of Chefchaouen


which is characterized by the beautiful mountains of the countryside with a wonderful maze of buildings with a blue color that contains an incredibly delicate tone. It is also a peaceful and quiet city and a convenient place to relax and spend the most enjoyable time.

One of the most beautiful tourist places in Chefchaouen is visiting the Watayet El Hammam Square, as it is the beating heart of the city and the most vibrant throughout the day, so it is an ideal destination for visits by tourists along with the locals.


Also, one of the cities of Morocco is...


the city of Meknes


which is the old capital of the country and considered an interesting tourist destination, as it is a lot of tourist places and amazing monuments. With a number of the best collections of historical sites in Morocco, all located within walking distance from each other and within the hassle-free old Medina and the large tourist crowds you may find in many neighboring cities

The gateway to Al-Mansour remains this gigantic gate, which enjoys a stunning design and unique decoration, one of the wonderful archeological sites in Meknes, which distinguishes the entrance to the old city through the fortified walls.

One of the suitable destinations for tourism in Morocco is the Essaouira region, a wonderful beachfront village and one of the most charming cities in Morocco, as it features colorful fishing boats that sway on the water magically, with a group of wonderful historical and tourist attractions.


The town of Tetouan offers a unique attitude at the multicultural history of northern Morocco, and because of its pretty small length, it offers site visitors a possibility to explore many of the sights of calm and ease compared to the major cities as in Fez and Marrakech. The Mohammed Road in Tetouan is one of the most popular places for tourists to enjoy entertainment between cafes, restaurants, restaurants, tourist shops, and street vendors. The city also includes a number of safe tourist places that suit all types of travelers, including the beautiful old city and markets. Wonderful traditional and other diverse museums.


The city of Agadir


an urban jewel overlooking the Moroccan coast, is one of the most beautiful cities that provide tourists with a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy their visit, due to the splendor of its vast streets, palm-decorated streets and bright white buildings. Agadir is one of the best holiday destinations in Morocco, as it is visited by tourists from all over the world. To enjoy the beautiful beaches and 300 days of sunshine with the perfect atmosphere to enjoy all year round, which makes it a great base for exploring some of the wonderful natural monuments in Morocco.


Other great areas


Dades Valley

In addition to the major Moroccan tourist cities, there are many picturesque areas that remain one of the favorite destinations for tourists, including the Dades Valley of Morocco, which is considered one of the most beautiful natural places where its elegant banks and vast green areas are scattered on its banks.

Among those areas is also the region of Al-Katheeb in the African desert in Morocco, “Erg Chebbi”, which is located in the eastern desert region of the country and enjoys huge sand dunes, providing an opportunity for lovers of the desert scene, an appropriate opportunity to enjoy camel rides and other rituals and customs of the deserts.

One of the important tourist areas is the Al-Wadaya Palace in Rabat, which is one of the ancient monuments there. Windows are small in size, and also have guns, which indicates the defensive role played by the Kasbah of the Udayas over past periods of time.

There are many wonderful tourist areas that make Morocco one of the best destinations for tourists from all over the world.

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