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Top Places to go to in Istanbul

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Once called Stambul modern-day, Istanbul stands at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and is that the assembly of East and West. Before changing into a contemporary day, Istanbul had been the capital of each the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

It is a contradiction of previous and following, the trendy and the ancient as well. One will dance at a contemporary dance hall, or pray in centuries previous mosques. it's the potential to arrive by airplane, cruise liner, train or automobile. Notwithstanding, however, one arrives, one goes to fancy sights, sounds, and tastes of this fabulous town.

Top sites to ascertain in Istanbul:

  • Aya Sofya or Hagia Sophia

  • Topkapi Palace

  • The Grand Bazaar

  • Hippodrome

  • Blue house of God

  • Suleymaniye house of God

  • Bosporus

Emperor engineered The Hagia Sophia as named in English in 537 B.C. till the Conquest of 1453, it reigned collectively of the foremost celebrated churches within the world. Mehmet the superior born-again it to a house of God and founding father of modern-day Turkey, Ataturk, modified it to a deposit. Once Emperor entered the church for the primary time, he said, "Glory to God that I even have been judged merit such a piece. OH, Solomon! I even have outdone you!"

Topkapi Palace is one in all the foremost stunning and celebrated palaces within the world. It had been home to "Selmin the toper," UN agency had the unhappy misfortune of drowning once an evening of drinking. Among the opposite residents of the Palace is "Ibriham the mad," UN agency went mad once being in jail for twenty-two years. It's an attractive palace and well worth the time.


The Grand Bazaar, alone anyplace within the world, as well as the celebrated bazaar of Cairo, which is spoken communication heaps. It's simple to urge lost during this maze of retailers. You will realize nearly something desires during this celebrated searching paradise. Try and keep in mind the turns one makes!


Hippodrome was once the house of chariot races for over one,000 years. Several of its splendid structures area unit had gone, however, some do stay and also the town has created an attractive garden space of the place. Well, value a visit.


Blue house of God is maybe the foremost distinguished landmark of Istanbul, seen on most posters of this celebrated town. Swayer Ahmet engineered the splendid house of God out of thousands of blue tiles, which supplies it the name and color. It's 260 windows, which give a lot of sunshine.

istanbul-Blue house
Suleymaniye's house of God engineered by the best swayer of the empire, Suleymaniye the splendid. His Empire stretched over a lot of the better-known world, as well as, Palestine and modern-day Israel.

The sound is needed to explore and best seen by boat. Here, You will see each continent. A night cruise offers a spectacular read of either side of this nice town.

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