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Socotra Archipelago Island of Dreams

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    The Yemeni island of Socotra, which resides in the Indian Ocean, has natural and human characteristics and components that have no equal worldwide Those interested in environmental affairs say that the Socotra Archipelago, which is believed to have been isolated from the lands of Africa about 7 million years ago, is considered one of the strangest natural islands in its formation in the world for many reasons, the most important of which is the strange environmental diversity. Birds do not exist anywhere in the world The strangest place on Earth The Yemeni island of Socotra, which resides in the depths of the Indian Ocean, thousands of miles away from the shores of Yemen. There is everything unique and rare and natural beauty is reflected in the most beautiful pictures and scenes. and specialists in biology say that what distinguishes Socotra from natural components and rare characteristics, especially with regard to plants Wild and marine neighborhoods that are unparalleled worldwide and can only be found in it without the rest of the world, making it more like a "living museum of natural history."   

The unique location and rare properties

Socotra Island, which was classified in the World Heritage List by UNESCO in the year 2008 AD, is located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of the Horn of Africa, 350 km south of the Arabian Peninsula. The Socotra Archipelago consists of four valley islands alongside Socotra, which holds more than 90% of the archipelago area of ​​approximately 27 thousand square kilometers, there are three other small islands, namely, the islands of Abd al-Kuri, Samha, and its study. The Socotra Archipelago is considered the largest natural reserve for rare plants and animals in the world, according to many researchers. This archipelago, whose geologists are likely to separate geographically from lands from Africa about 7 million years ago, preserved its peculiarities and uniqueness of its components ... and very soon Socotra did not bow or was affected by environmental pollution factors and modern civilization data benefiting from it broadly from the lands of the southern Arabian Peninsula in the north on the one hand And on the lands of the century African west to live "positive" and fruitful isolation by its azure sea and its beautiful and unique creatures and the reproduction of trees and rare plants that are not found anywhere in the world, including those medicinal plants from which medicines and treatments are extracted not to mention birds, reptiles, mammals and other wild creatures from which they can only be seen in lands Socotra.  

Mythical beauty

And if the island is free from predatory animals, so that the snakes and scorpions that live on the island are non-toxic, as specialists stress, dogs do not exist on the island's back and from the funny situations, as Basil Obaid, a resident of the island, says that the only dog ​​that a foreigner brought to the island several years ago For years his barking raised to fear and terror in the hearts of the inhabitants, who rushed to its owner and asked him to deport the dog   The Socotra is a peaceful, peaceful, natural person who does not like violence and does not practice it, and there are no manifestations of carrying a weapon in the ranks of citizens among the citizens, as there are no criminal cases pending before the courts there. The history of the last murder witnessed on the island dates back to 60 years ago. Locals There are researchers and scholars who describe the nature of Socotra as the mythical beauty that transcends into the realm of imagination and dreams, and some of them were called the Earth belonging to another planet This is because they contain very old trees and plants that date back to 20 million years ago, and among those trees is what is known as “the blood of the two brothers.” It is one of the prominent features of the island’s features as it is called “the blood dragon tree or the blood brothers. It was used as Historians say in the magic rituals since the Middle Ages. It is also used in chemical research, which is the strange tree with deep branches that take the form of the crown on the head of the kings. One of the oldest trees and plants, which is a sacred tree historically Socotra also contains birds, insects, and many rare creatures that can only be seen on that island. Endemic species in addition to 60 types of night butterflies, in addition to the presence of 100 types of flying insects, 80 types of which are found only in Socotra.

Diverse climate

Socotra, which is inhabited by about 250 thousand people, the majority of whom work in the profession of traditional fishing and in agriculture and livestock, especially of sheep found in huge numbers, is characterized by a variety of terrain, which consists of mountains, worms, forests, plains, plateaus and beaches, and therefore its climate varies, which is divided into three main climates; Its maximum temperature ranges from 26 ° -28 °, and the lowest is between 19 ° -23 °, while the mean temperature is from 27 ° -29 °. The weather is cool in the east of the island and cool in some months As for the western part of the island, the weather is cold and fog spreads, where the average humidity ranges between 55% in August and 70% in January..and the monsoon blows completely isolate the island from the outside world and this comprehensive isolation in which navigation stops Air and sea for a period of up to more than four months each year due to the severity of hurricanes and winds, so people are keen to secure their food needs from outside the archipelago before this annual season is not welcomed by local residents who are fed up with it after most of their activities are completely paralyzed throughout His harsh days and nights.  

Tourism facilities

Socotra Island is characterized by unique tourism features and characteristics. The four archipelago islands contain many tourist attractions, most notably: Hawk Cave in Halah region, east of Socotra Island, not to mention the vegetation that overwhelms the general appearance of the archipelago, as there are more than 750 plant varieties; besides birds, The diversity of more than 105 species, all of which are attracting the attention of tourists, scientists of biodiversity, as the shores of the archipelago extend 450 km and are rich in pure white sand dunes, along with the presence of abundant waterfalls, the most important of which are the dangen waterfalls, mumy, qara and aafaf And other natural ingredients It makes it one of the most important tourist destinations in the world
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