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Maldives is a paradise on earth

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Tourism in the Maldives has charm and fun, as it is a group of super beautiful islands, white sand, beautiful beaches, and clear waters. The Maldives dream a lot of people spend the most enjoyable time. It is a country located on the continent of Asia in the Indian Ocean and passes by the equator in the south and located southwest of Sri Lanka and India.

The Maldives has been transformed into tourist resorts annually attracting more than a million tourists to travel to relax and enjoy the biodiversity in the depths of its seas during snorkeling and diving trips, as well as enjoy the luxury and pampering of the resorts and health clubs ranked best globally with the experience of quiet romantic moments provided by sailing boat trips.


heaven on earth


The Maldives is located, which is approximately one thousand twenty atolls of different sizes, opposite the southwest coast of the Indian subcontinent and opposite the western coasts of Ceylon, Sri Lanka. Thus, it mediates the seas between the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the Gulf of the Sultanate of Oman, and it is one of the most beautiful islands where it is considered a paradise on the land between land and sea And the sky, visited by many tourists, and the main goal of the visit is to enjoy the tropical sun, where the climate in the Maldives is characterized by warmth and tropical weather.

The atolls are made up of living coral slits and dirt barriers, and the length below the edge below sea level is 960 km that suddenly rises from the depths of the Indian Ocean.

Tourist resorts


Most tourists come to the Maldives on organized trips and stay at one of the more than 95 resorts that are a popular destination for family holidays and vacations with friends. The Maldives is the perfect vacation destination for those who want a virgin nature, remote islands, charming beaches and fish wealth. Tourist places in the Maldives are one of the most important tourist places that can be enjoyed by the tourist, and diving in it includes a group of multiple marine creatures that can be enjoyed looking at. Scuba diving in the Maldives is one of the most popular activities for tourists coming in the Maldives, where divers, whether beginners or professionals, can explore the islands waters all year round. Also, swimming and surfing are among the activities that enjoy the visitors of the Maldives.

Traveling, tourism and moving from one place to another contribute to bringing people together, reducing the idea of ​​conflict and benefiting from them, and trying to understand their culture and sense of acceptance of the other, especially since the Maldives is one of the most beautiful regions.

Attractive and diverse islands


The Kafu Atoll Islands Series is one of the best in the Maldives for those looking for a quiet vacation among the most beautiful landscapes with many enjoyable recreational activities. Tourism in the Maldives is characterized by a financial heart that entails a multiplicity of activities between enjoyable water sports, such as diving between the magic of coral reefs with stunning natural colors or fishing, and relaxation while enjoying the beauty of the beach or watching the island's fishermen practicing their business early. Maldives resorts.

Helingly Island Resort


One of the most beautiful Maldives islands located in a secluded area on the northeastern side of the northern coral island Mali Atoll is an ideal destination for diving lovers as there is a diving school that provides all the necessary equipment for a fun diving trip, there are several luxurious restaurants in the island as you can watch dolphins swimming in the blue waters that surround the island.

Cocoa Island

Considered by many to be the first island in the Maldives, it is one of the most beautiful islands of the Maldives to spend a fun time, as it enjoys clear waters with white sand on the beach, and its sun shines throughout the year.

An opportunity for tourism


The administrative and financial capital of the Maldives, which is classified as the smallest capital in the world, which offers you a wonderful opportunity during tourism in the Maldives to mix with the indigenous people of the country who work in the tourism and hotel services sector compared to other islands hosting foreign labor. The scenic city can be reached with a fascinating cruise ferry cruise through which to explore the beauty of the island and you can independence it near the Maldives airport in Mali. And you can cut his money during a tour of several hours during which you can enjoy its tourist attractions with a fine lunch and a delicious cold drink on one of its beaches. As for the residence, the city provides multiple options that suit the different budgets between high-end hotels and luxury guest houses.


Hulhumale Island


A small artificial island measuring 1030 meters south of the capital of Maldives, Mali, which is an ideal spot during tourism in the Maldives for shopping enthusiasts as well as to organize cultural tours across the island while enjoying the purity of the white seawater and its unique marine creatures. As for the accommodation options, Hulhumale provides its visitors with a series of the best resorts and hotels in the Maldives, in addition to offering apartments with wonderful sea views for families or those Banana Reef Reef. One of the ideal islands to organize excursions in the Maldives, it is the first that was known about tourism in the Maldives, to become one of the most famous international diving sites in the country.

The island that can be considered a marine reserve provides great opportunities to dive between 5 and 30 meters, in addition to diving between unique sea creatures, including the reef that takes the form of a banana that the island bears its name, and dozens of fish including rare species such as salmon, blue snapper and barracuda. Those who can not handle seawater can also enjoy the land between the wonderful caves and rugged cliffs and paths that permeate it.

Maafushi Island


It is ranked as one of the best in the Maldives due to its luxurious resorts overlooking stunning beaches and provides services and leisure activities that distinguish it from other resorts of the Maldives. The island has an abundance of dive sites of up to 37 sites, thus the abundance of accredited training centers that organize trips in the heart of turquoise waters and between species of fish and rare marine creatures such as stone and scorpionfish, whale sharks and turtles with distinctive gray coral barriers. Maafushi Resorts also includes the first fully designed underwater health club, along with swimming adventures with dolphins, boat and yacht chartering with a romantic candlelight dinner, perfect for fictional tours in the Maldives.

Kashida Island

Coral Island is located to the far north of the capital Male, in the middle of the Cardiva Channel that separates the main islands in the Republic of Maldives and is the fifth largest of its islands, and it administratively belongs to Kafu Atoll, although it is geographically independent of it.

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