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Is Belgium Europe's Ideal Kept Travel Key?

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Belgium: a portable nation loaded with fascinating middle ages cities, quaint communities, Gothic sanctuaries, castles, excellent beer, rubies, french fries, as well as endive - what a lot more could you desire? Belgium is small and densely occupied; 10 million people fit in its 30,230 sq. km. of land.

What does Belgium's diminutive size mean for the visitor? You can get around quickly. No demand to take a flight between cities; the train is rapid and effective. Like the rubies Antwerp is well-known for, you'll be checking out a country that shows numerous facets. Take languages, as an example: the Northern Flemish speak Dutch, while the southern Walloons talk French. English is extensively talked almost everywhere travelers may go.

Belgium has a high standard of living.

Reaching Belgium by Air

Brussels Airport, east of Brussels, is the only global airport terminal in Belgium. "Taxis with a taximeter are completely available.

Reaching Belgium by Train

The Eurostar goes in between Brussels and London as well as rapid TGV trains link Brussels with Paris as well as Amsterdam. There is a Benelux rail pass readily available in addition to one which adds France, and also one which includes Germany. See our Belgium Map and Traveling Fundamentals for even more comprehensive transportation details.

Recommended Cities to Check Out in Belgium


The capital of Belgium is Brussels, a great location where to begin your expedition of Belgium. Below are some highlights:

Manneken Pis: the renowned peeing child, who occasionally pees beer.

Mini Europe: the significant monuments of the European Union in miniature (getting rid of the requirement to head to the rest of Europe!) Leave at the Heysel City Stop.

The Atomium: the Expos of 1935 and 1958 happened north of the center of Brussels, in the Heizel/Heysel plains. The Atomium is the only remaining part of the '58 exhibit and is the visual representation of the idea of an "atom", representing a primary iron crystal with its 9 atoms multiplied 150 billion times. Each "electron" has a diameter of 18 meters as well as one also includes a restaurant! You can obtain great views of Brussels from the highest one.

The Grand' place (Grote Markt - Market Square) - one of the most attractive community squares in Europe.


Antwerp is the 2nd largest city in Belgium with 500,000 inhabitants. It is likewise ending up being the style resources of Belgium.

Bruges (Brugge).

Bruges is the resources of the district of West-Flanders as well as is a community noteworthy for the style of its middle age, the top quality of its beer, as well as it's overall "quaintness." The town was thoroughly renovated in "current" 19th century Gothic, leading some to slam it as a "phony" medieval town, yet shouldn't the tourist be thinking about why medieval architecture is so alluring in order to see its designs continue?


The historical center of Ghent shows a little bit of the Middle Ages. There's a great old port with guild halls as well as a splendid Castle of the Matters of Flanders. The botanical garden has around 7500 types of plants.

Smaller Advised Cities in Belgium.

Damme is 4km from Bruges, as well as you might intend to use this positive town as a base for travel in Flanders. If you enjoy the countryside life in a community large sufficient to have solutions, Damme is excellent; you can take a small canal boat right into Bruges from Damme! Dinant is a community spectacularly situated along the Meuse river in the Belgian district of Namur. There is a program cave with waterfalls and stalactites near the train terminal, a high Citadel and more.

Veurne, a Flemish community on the boundary of France had not been occupied by the Germans in WWI and so was saved the normal bombing that the rest of Belgium endured. There is an excellent market square as well as great deals of interesting design. Visitors recommend seeing the City center, the Royal Residence of Justice and the St. Walburga Church.

The wetlands to the south of the city make for amazing panoramas. In town, there's a huge market square, rebuilt from WWI bombing.

What to Drink and eat.

Frites: the misnamed "french" french fries. Basically the nationwide recipe, except for the superb waterzooi. You have them with mayonnaise.

Waterzooi: from a Flemish acceptation "simmering water" comes a hearty stew of regional fish (or a hen) with vegetables and also herbs, commonly enhanced by a triad of the kitchen area god's best: butter, egg yolks, and also cream.

Carbonnades: meat prepared with brownish beer, the national dish of Belgium.

Belgian Endive: White Gold, endive kept in darkness for the majority of its life. Commonly served braised.

Delicious Chocolate: Belgian Delicious Chocolate! Yes, it goes without saying.

Beer: Connoisseurs of Bud Lite need not read further. The remainder of you who such as range as well as flavor have to attempt among these: Lambic Ale, Abbey and also Trappist Ale, Witbier (wheat), Sour Ale, Brown Ale, Amber Ale, or Solid Golden Ale. You can also get Pilsner.

Brussels Airport terminal, eastern of Brussels, is the only global airport in Belgium. See our Belgium Map as well as Traveling Fundamentals for more in-depth transport info. Antwerp is the 2nd largest city in Belgium with 500,000 occupants. It is also coming to be the style capital of Belgium. Veurne, a Flemish town on the border of France wasn't occupied by the Germans in WWI and also so was spared the normal bombing that the remainder of Belgium endured.

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