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4 great reasons to travel to Dubai

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There are many great reasons why you want to travel to Dubai. Exciting buildings, glamorous beaches, unstable research, and high-profile events all amounts to a peculiar breakthrough in the Dubai business life. For starters, here are great reasons to travel to Dubai.

See the Desert

Before the skyscrapers and Opulent automobiles, Dubai was only sand. Although the city has long evolved from the days of Bedouin villages, the desert is still a sight to see. When traveling Dubai, go on a desert safari and eat a traditional Arabic barbecue, go dune bashing, watch belly dancing, and ride camels. Tours pick visitors up from hotels and take them to a camp in the middle of the desert, surrounded by sand dunes. This is an ideal way to better understand what life was like before the city boomed.

Cultural Diversity

Cities like New York are known for their cultural diversity, but Dubai takes diversity to a whole new level. Approximately 85% of Dubai’s population are ex-pats. This brings a level of cultural interaction that is rarely seen anywhere else in the world. Traveling to Dubai is one of the greatest anthropological experiences one can have, as it allows visitors to travel the entire world from one place.

Unique Architecture

Dubai is known worldwide for its architecture. It’s hard to believe that only four decades ago, the city did not have a single building. Now, the Dubai skyline is full of unique skyscrapers designed by some of the best architects in the world. A drive down one of UAE is main roads will leave anyone in awe. Buildings come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Anything Dubai does, it does in style, so even the metro stations are architectural wonders.


Dubai could be a shopper's haven like an associate degree undiscovered pirate's trunk of gold and diamonds. Searching in Dubai is additionally regarding flowing rivers of gold at varying souls, malls with greatly discounted costs.

Duty-free costs on jewelry, electronic merchandise, handicrafts, spices, and international brand lure tourists from around the world United Nations agency are ready to get the merchandise they'll have thought-about out of their reach.


The searching malls in Dubai or extravagant in giving an associate degree persistent expertise, however, jointly a range of out of the question enjoyment choices. Look till you drop at The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Gold & Spice market square, Deira Center.

dubai mall

Eating Out

Dubai is that the hub of philosophy, lifestyles wherever individuals from varied countries and cultures mingle to make one world. Numerous cultures have affected the preparation of Dubai owing to that international restaurants and bars have created a mark. Apart from native Arabic and geographic region preparation, tourists will get to savor Yankee, Asian, European, Mediterranean, and Oceanic flavors.

There are restaurants to suit all budgets, however, keep in mind public consumption of alcohol is illegal. Alcohol is accessible solely in pubs and bars of five-star hotels and at the homes of individuals, the United Nations agency has the license to possess alcohol. However, the nightlife is sweet, despite a ban on alcohol.

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Good Hotels

Dubai includes a fantastic variety of hotels to suit each style and budget. The star hotels provide top quality and opulent services, whereas the budget hotels promise a cost cap and several amenities. The beach properties forever running high occupancy that they provided a powerful read of the Arabian Gulf and access to their wonderfully own non-public beaches.

The amenities at these hotels are top-notch to form the foremost of your vacation. Keep in mind to book hotels in Dubai well prior to avoid disappointment.

Fabulous Attractions

There is such a lot to check and knock off Dubai, right from Arabic design to ice-skating. Under the blazing sun, Dubai has made its own very little heaven, wherever all four seasons meet regardless of what the surface weather is. Bastakiya Quarter, Jumeirah place of worship, Dubai depository, tribal sheik Saeed al Maktoum House, and Dubai Heritage and Diving Village are places that experience the history and culture of the UAE, tracing the roots of Dubai's origin.

Dubai Heritage

Then again, extreme modernism is visible on sites like Burj Al Arab, Burj Dubai, and Landmark Towers. Out of doors activities, even have an associate degree whip hand in increasing Dubai's holiday-maker scores with activities like artiodactyl mammal riding, sand athletics, and sand dune bashing and barbecue dinner within the desert.

dubai-Burj Al Arab

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