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When the weather is driest and the days are bright, the best time to visit Bali is generally throughout the summer season months of June, July, and August. However, that's additionally, when the island becomes one of the most crowded you will not be the just one in search of browse, sand, and sun!

The chance to escape the Southern Hemisphere's winter months is just a little as well appealing for tens of countless Australians who order short, inexpensive flights as much as Bali.

No matter the moment of year, anticipate Bali to be dynamic. The island just goes from active to more busy. Actually, a bulk of travelers to Indonesia, the world's largest island country and fourth most populated nation, only visit Bali

It's not for lack of selections in Indonesia. Bali is just one of greater than 14,752 named islands in Indonesia, plus the many more unnamed islands in the island chain.


Peak Season in Bali.

If you don't mind rush hour and sharing congested coastlines, go when the weather is best. July and August are usually the driest months with pleasant temperature levels.

An excellent compromise is to run the risk of periodic rain showers in exchange for more tranquility. The shoulder months before and after the high season (specifically April, May, and September) are pleasurable and experience several bright days.

Most rainy months to visit Bali are from November to March. December, January, and February are added rainy and a little hotter. These are the peak months in Thailand and countries north of Indonesia that are commemorating their dry periods prior to the heat really relocates.

Despite the rain and a little hotter temperatures in December, Bali still becomes hectic with revelers during Christmas and the New Year holiday.

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Weather in Bali.

Although Bali is cozy and comfy throughout the year, the island has 2 distinctive periods: wet and completely dry.

Unsurprisingly, the variety of site visitors increases as bright days enhance. Every person's preferred island tasks, especially sunbathing, trekking, and motorbiking, are even more satisfying without downpour rain.

Temperatures in Bali during July and August range from the 70 levels Fahrenheit (21 levels Celsius) to 80 levels Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius), and December and January isn't also far off either.

Bali is located simply 8 levels southern of the equator and enjoys an exotic environment. Once you wander as well much from the windy coastline, those factoids end up being a perspiring three-shower-a-day fact. Humidity commonly hovers around 85 percent. One exemption is the environment-friendly Kintamani region north of Ubud in the inside. Mount Batur provides enough elevation to even make weather freezing and drizzly some days for travelers on a motorbike.

Traveling throughout the completely dry and high season doesn't ensure all bright days. Nature keeps the island environment-friendly throughout the year. Also during the dry season, you'll intend to be prepared for short pop-up storms.


Visiting Bali During the Low Season

Although rainfall does not precisely produce a nice day on the beach or discovering the island's inside, there are some advantages to visiting Bali during the "eco-friendly" season.

You'll improve deals on lodging and can update to nicer rooms for the same rate you would normally spend for a budget guesthouse. With a couple of expert methods, you can score great deals on hotels in Bali.

Plus, less tourists will certainly be blocking popular hotspots such as Ubud. During high season, you might have to wait to go inside. Communications are sometimes friendlier when residents are not so overworked throughout peak season.

Of program, visiting during the low season has its disadvantages, as well. Often constant downpours span for days while others dissipate within an hour. Mosquitoes are much even worse between rains, making dengue fever more of a hazard on the island.

The downsides seem less than appealing, yet numerous travelers choose to visit destinations only during the low seasons.


Why Is Bali So Popular?

Probably due to the fact that Bali is predominantly Hindu rather than Christian or Muslim, it boasts a special ambiance that varies from bordering islands. No matter the factor, Bali is constantly a top destination in Asia.

Bali has actually been a popular stop for backpackers on the Banana Pancake Path for a very long time. The island is also a well-known searching location in Southeast Asia and a top honeymoon place in Asia.

Elizabeth Gilbert truly got the word out with her hit book Eat, Hope, Love. Julia Roberts starred in the 2010 movie of the very same name, opening up the floodgates to Ubud. Before 2010, Ubud was mostly silent and brought in budget travelers curious about a healthy and balanced option to popular parties in Kuta.

However Hollywood isn't as responsible as geography. Backpacking trainees and Australian households along with lots of retired deportees pick to escape cooler weather in the Southern Hemisphere by getting hold of cheap flights to Bali.

With several trainees out of school during the summer months, party centers such as Kuta become rowdy as young revelers come to delight in the nightlife. The environment along Jalan Legian resembles what you would certainly expect at some American beaches throughout college spring break. Thankfully, there are plenty of lesser-known places along the shore: Amed, Lovina, and Padangbai still supply escape. And if things really get out of control, the nearby islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida are appealing.



Springtime brings rainfall to Bali in March and temperature levels can be rather warm. Nevertheless, wait a month and you'll find April to be a lot more comfy, and the completely dry season begins in May. Spring is a popular time for surfing off the island.


Events to take a look at:

Nyepi, the Balinese Day of Silence falls on the Hindu New Year and will definitely affect your trip yet the evening before is a lot of fun! For a full 24-hour, tourists are anticipated to remain inside their hotels and no sound is allowed. The organizations and beaches close even the global airport terminal closes down! Nyepi strikes in March or April, relying on the Hindu lunar schedule.

The colorful festival of Holi is normally celebrated in late March.


What is summer for most Westerners is wintertime in Bali. It's also the best time to visit if you prefer warm and dry weather (although citizens take into consideration July and August "cool"). There are occasional rainfalls, yet absolutely nothing like gale season.


Events to check out:

Hari Merdeka (Indonesia's Self-reliance Day) on August 31, might also affect travel to and from Bali. Indonesians additionally enjoy visiting Bali and come from as far as Sumatra and various other places in the archipelago.

The Bali Arts Festival is a long-running festival that is amongst the most popular in the country. The festival typically starts on the second Saturday of June and goes through mid-July.


While Indonesia as a whole does not really have an autumnal season, the stretch of months from September through November starts with clear, dry weather. In November, there are fewer tourists yet if you hope to swim, the seas can be harsh right now.


Events to have a look at:

The Nusa Dua Fiesta is an enjoyable week of art events, social performances, and more along Bali's southeast coast. It's usually kept in October or November.

One of Bali's most popular events, the mekepung (buffalo) races are held throughout the fall in Negara.


December kicks of Indonesia's summer season. Moisture is high and hours of thunderstorms aren't unprecedented. Cozy seas have rough waters, making swimming less than optimal, but February conditions are great for internet users.


Events to check out:

Galungan is one of the most important religious holiday in Bali. When the genealogical spirits visit the Earth, it marks the time.

Similar to all popular destinations in Asia, Lunar New Year (dates transform from year to year) draws a crowd, in spite of rainy weather in January and February.

No issue the time of year, anticipate Bali to be busy. A bulk of travelers to Indonesia, the world's biggest island country and 4th most heavily populated nation, just visit Bali


Most rainy months to visit Bali are from November to March. Spring brings rainfall to Bali in March and temperature levels can be quite warm. What is summer for most Westerners is wintertime in Bali.

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