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Best 11 Most Affordable Countries To Visit In 2020

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You want to travel in 2020, oh yes. However, if you're anything like us right here at Flowing Travel, you also wish to make your hard-earned money go as far as possible while you do it. Great information! There are lots of amazing countries you can visit this year for a portion of what you would certainly pay back house.

For this list, we've tried to choose countries that offer both affordability and also top quality to ensure you obtain worth for your money. Here are 11 of the cheapest destinations in 2020, plus just how much it will certainly cost you each day (usually) to visit.


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1. Colombia

Average daily cost: $28 US per person

As a matter of reality, things have actually turned about below in current years, as well as the country has ended up being a picturesque vacation for travelers that yearn for the perfect balance between urban as well as rural appeal. With its biodiversity, its historical, culturally rich cities, and also its beaches, Colombia appears destined to arise as a top-tier destination in the coming decade.

The city of Medellin, the previous haunt of the notorious medicine lord Pablo Escobar, is a particular point of interest. Regardless of its former organization with one of the most brutal cartels of all time, the city has reinvented itself. Famous for its flowers and the system of cable cars that lug residents hither as well as yon across the valley, Medellin is additionally blessed with near-perfect temperatures year-round-- a balmy 72 ° F.

If you want to see the traditional South American celebration of Lent called Barranquilla or Carnaval, Colombia is a great place to do so. It hosts the second-largest awareness of Barranquilla (Brazil being top).

Colombia is additionally the second most biodiverse nation worldwide, so it's a heaven for nature enthusiasts.


2. Cambodia

Average daily cost: $34 US per person

" Cambodia has a lot to offer," claims Sandy Papas of the travel site Tray Tables Away. Incredible monuments and world heritage sites (Angkor!), great food, beautiful, gentle individuals, and also it's unbelievably affordable and not yet crawling with tourists.

In the past years, tourism has actually emerged as a huge part of Cambodia's (troubling) economic situation, yet this lovely Southeast Eastern nation is still rare adequate to be relaxing and also genuine. As Sandy alluded to, the old temples of the dropped Angkor Realm near Siem Reap are unmissable and look particularly stunning as seen from a hot air balloon in the early morning haze.

But if you like outdoor traveling in a jungle environment, you can take a motorcycle tour of the countryside to get away from more well-worn courses. If you're a hopeful coastline bum, the islands of Koh Kong are likewise remarkable as well as less crowded than those of Thailand.

Ultimately, Cambodia boundaries Thailand to the west, Laos to the north, as well as Vietnam to the east, so you can easily obtain some extra stamps in your ticket while you're below.


3. Albania

Average daily cost: $47 US per person

Here's one that most likely isn't on your bucket list. Yet if you 'd like to travel that will be a discussion starter when you return home, perhaps you must give Albania an opportunity in 2020.

" Albania should have more interest," state Ellen and also Ted Kortan of Planet Vagabonds. We remained a few weeks and also were so pleased by the previously closed country. People really liked Americans, and also we don't get that anywhere. Albanians seemed to have optimistic energy concerning their future as well as it was refreshing. Also, the prices were low.

Albania is a mainly Muslim however additionally formerly communist nation in the Balkans, with a lengthy Adriatic coastline and also a number of UNESCO World Heritage websites. Whether you're searching for a coastline, an alpine view, or a smattering of Ottoman design, Albania will not let down.

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4. Republic of Georgia

Average daily cost: $17 US per person

Yes, you read that right: $17 bucks per person each day. Found on the Black Sea, northeast of Turkey, Georgia has a great shot at becoming the following huge thing in travel in the coming years. So there's no much better time to beat the thrill than 2020!

" This former war-torn Soviet republic is embracing tourism, yet hasn't been ruined," states John Henderson of Dog-Eared Ticket. It has whatever: Several of one of the most beautiful mountain surroundings in the world and also great hiking, world-renowned wine, great food, friendly people, beautiful women, superb public transport, and also remarkable background. Also, it's really affordable.


5. Nepal

Average daily cost: $25 US per person

, if you love hills (Everest anybody?), country life, temples, as well as the outdoors, after that Nepal will afford you some major value. This Himalayan republic isn't simply home to great hills for brave mountain climbers; it's additionally excellent for those that just like to walk from tea residence to tea house.

And also hello-- that understands-- you may fulfill somebody really intriguing on your journeys. That's what occurred to travelers Alan and also Jo Gourlay of Travegraphics.

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We satisfied an elderly gentleman on an expedition in Nepal some years earlier, they say. He was by himself with a porter/guide and was using a walking stay with assist himself along. He would certainly stop a conversation to any individual ready to invest the time and also told us he would stroll as far as he could relying on the number of people he satisfied along the road. He had no specific goal in mind for the day as well as just took things as they came. He was the embodiment of the expression about the journey being more crucial than the destination.


Nepal may not be for you if you're huge on cities and also creature conveniences. But if you're big on the trip ...

6. Bolivia

Average daily cost: $27 US per person

Another bargain in South America, Bolivia rests simply to the south of Brazil and flaunts amazing geographical (and also for that reason weather) variety. Unlike some other South American destinations, Bolivia remains relatively uncharted. So if going off the trail a bit is your point, you will greater than get your money's well worth right here. Travelers suggest simply exploring Bolivia's provinces as well as backwoods.

But if you're seeking a world-famous and also surreally beautiful place, take a look at Salar de Uyuni. Treatment more than 4,000 square miles, this is the world's largest salt flat. When wet, it functions as a large mirror, obscuring the lines between planet, mountain, as well as sky, creating one of one of the most incredible vistas on earth.

Lake Titicaca-- the world's highest altitude navigable lake, and also the native home of the Inca Realm-- additionally comes extremely advised.


7. Armenia

Average daily cost: $19 US per person

Armenia is a tiny, landlocked nation in the Caucasus, nestled in between Turkey and Azerbaijan. It is literally a country of valleys and also heights, its mountainous surface creating many diverse weather areas. It is likewise a land of background-- particularly church history, because it was the initial formally Christian nation, as well as it is populated with old abbeys and places of worship.

The capital, Yerevan, is full of history and society, in addition to great deals of great restaurants. There are a lot of attractions in the capital, specifically the Waterfall, a massive outside sculpture gallery (with even more galleries inside), as well as the Mother Armenia Military Museum. Outside the resources there are great deals of beautiful old churches and also abbeys to visit. The high point, Mt. Aragats is a challenging climb, but obtainable and also a great climbing experience. Individuals get along, and also really welcoming, and also the food is great! It's likewise extremely affordable and also easy to navigate.


8. Estonia            

Average daily cost: $71 US per person

Estonia may appear expensive compared to the other destinations on this list, however, if you want to visit a historic European city, it's funding, Tallinn, is eminently beautiful and also fairly affordable. (Estonia is additionally dotted with mansions from the Early as well as middle ages Modern periods, several of which you can visit.).

Aside from its splendidly maintained design, Estonia additionally has wonderful beaches as well as numerous islands off its coast in the Baltic-- through the summer seasons do not last for life. Winters are much longer, however they're mild by Baltic requirements.

Sadly for us, Estonia's days of being dirt cheap are behind her. But she is still a deal compared to Western Europe. 

9. Argentina

Average daily cost: $67 US per person

Argentina is an additional destination that may appear pricy contrasted to some others on this list, yet context issues. The fact is that Argentina is experiencing economic chaos, and its money's worth has actually collapsed. One method to aid with the economic recuperation (while delighting in financial savings yourself) is to visit Argentina in 2019.

The capital, Buenos Aires is famous of course. Learn to tango (or at least watch), rent some bikes and discover the city, or capture a polo game if you can.

There's additionally plenty to take pleasure in further afield. And if you such as to ski, the Andes mountains dominate the north of the nation.


10. The Philippines

Average daily cost: $42 US per person

A nation of breathtaking islands, rich background, diverse food, as well as friendly people, the Philippines is one of the more underrated Asian destinations. And it's more affordable than, claim, Thailand, which clocks in at concerning $67 US per person per day usually.

The Philippines is Southeast Asia's best kept trick," claims Michael Taylor of Accidental Travel Writer. The beaches are beautiful, and also water is tidy and uncontaminated. If you have the chance, fly on a tiny airplane between islands.

Travelers especially go crazy about Palawan Island, defining it as an incredibly romantic tropical island.


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11. Turkey

Average daily cost: $29 US per person

Turkey has actually constantly been a crossroads of the world, given that the days when Istanbul was still Constantinople. It regulates gain access to north-south from the Balkans right into the Middle East, and west-east from the Mediterranean into the Black Sea. How, for that reason, could Turkey help yet be a splendidly diverse place, packed with influences from a lots of various countries and also peoples?

There are a lot of historical ruins and also old cities to visit-- the Graeco-Roman city of Ephesus, or the remains of the epic Troy. You can even visit an underground city if you like; Derinkuyu, located in Turkey's Cappadocia area, is the biggest such website in the world, extending to a depth of 200 meters!

Naturally, the jewel of Turkey is Istanbul, the home of many great buildings. The Hagia Sophia, the Sultanahmet Mosque, the Basilica Cistern-- these stunning structures stand as testimonies to the splendor and also the value of this old city. Best of all, it won't cost an arm or a leg.


" Istanbul in Turkey was unbelievably beautiful with its area on the Bosphorus," states Kathy Marris of 50 Shades of Age, "and also whatever was cheap ... Admission to galleries, ferry rides down the river, food, the markets as well as accommodation.".

We wish this list influences you to go out there and travel this year. Whatever your budget, there's always something new and wonderful simply waiting to be uncovered. Delighted brand-new year, and also satisfied tracks!

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If you're anything like us right here at Flowing Travel, you also want to make your hard-earned money go as far as feasible while you do it. It is additionally a land of history-- specifically church background, because it was the initial officially Christian nation, and it is populated with ancient monasteries and also locations of worship.

It's additionally really affordable and also simple to obtain about." (Estonia is also dotted with mansions from the Early and also middle ages Modern durations, many of which you can visit.). There's additionally plenty to take pleasure in additional afield.

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